Backed by more than 30 years of experience in publications,  I offer a full range of editorial services.


Copyediting / proofreading

At this level of editorial work, I evaluate the text for grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency of capitalization, and all other mechanical aspects of the manuscript. I can work from a style sheet you supply or else create one to your specifications.

Content editing

The highest level of editorial intervention, content editing includes all of the above, plus suggesting changes to improve clarity and gracefulness of expression. Using my extensive background in conservation, I also often am able to spot and correct errors.

Fact checking

This entails verifying every factual claim in the manuscript. Clients receive a  list of references keyed to each claim.


Every substantial work of non-fiction benefits from a well-organized index. I created indexes for each of my own peer-reviewed books. Much more than single-word listings, my indexes include entries for important concepts as well as  extensive cross-references.

Research / reporting

Drawing on my interdisciplinary background, I can do custom research on most any topic related to the conservation of cultural and natural heritage. I have an especially  deep familiarity with the US National Park System and the programs and operations of the National Park Service.


Over the years I have written copy for and produced dozens of newsletters, brochures, flyers, and other such publications.

Peer reviewing / book reviews

I have served as peer reviewer for a number of scholarly papers in the fields of conservation and linguistic / biocultural diversity, and on several books, including IUCN’s latest global guidebook on protected area management. I am a regular book reviewer for two journals.

Whether creating or working with text, doing print design and layout, or conducting research for a project, I'm always aiming to convey ideas forcefully and clearly.

Editorial services

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