Layout, design & related services

Layout & design

I've done layouts for trade and scholarly books, over 60 issues of a professional journal, and many newsletters,  brochures, and other short publications, as well as posters and displays. I work primarily in Adobe InDesign but am also experienced in Quark.

For some of these projects I worked directly with the publisher’s designer, while for others I did the design myself. Some examples of my own work are pictured to the right.


Print coordination

I can handle all aspects of print coordination, from prepress to proofing to the print process itself, including preparation of photos, graphics, and tables. Need web/digital integration? I can do that too, whether it be PDF creation, web formatting, or optimization for different platforms.


Over the years I have overseen the publishing of dozens of journal issues, conference proceedings, and other material, both in hard-copy and digitally. Working in the Drupal content management system, I’ve been the webmaster of the George Wright Society website ( since its inception in 1995, creating over 14,000 pages and documents. As for the website you are now reading, I made it on the Wix platform.

Layout & design examples

Top left: Cover from a recent issue of The George Wright Forum

Top right: Inside page of The George Wright Forum

Middle row: Two designs for George Wright Society display posters

Bottom row: Pages from A Thinking Person’s Guide to America’s National Parks

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