Tigers and other wildlife in Peninsular Malaysia now have a new refuge, as the state government of Terengganu recently axed plans to log more than 100 square kilometers (39 square miles) and created a state park instead.

“This new protected area not only brings more key wildlife habitat under protection, but also protects vital forested watersheds that provide important ecosystem services to the people of Terengganu,” Sheema Abdul Aziz, a conservation ecologist and president of the Malaysia-based conservation research NGO Rimba, said in a statement.


Cree from the James Bay community of Waswanipi are vowing to keep up pressure on the Quebec government to protect a vital piece of virgin forest near their community.

On Monday, Waswanipi tallymen — or Cree land stewards — set up a blockade and held a demonstration at kilometre 105 of the James Bay highway.


Washington • A federal judge has scheduled a hearing Thursday to discuss arguments by tribes and environmentalists suing over the shrinking of the Bears Ears National Monument that the government should have to notify them of any planned oil, gas or mineral extraction within the boundaries of the redrawn monument.

The groups say that they’ve “learned of some mining activity” within the original boundaries that would have been prohibited without President Donald Trump’s December 2017 order to remove 1.1 million acres from the monument in southeastern Utah. The plaintiffs, who believe Trump lacked authority to change the monument’s boundaries, say there is a proposal for “ground-disturbing activities” on a former uranium mine that could begin this month.


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