• dharmon

Analysis: FY18 budget deal treated land-managing agencies well; most anti-environment riders shunned

Last Friday, 7 months late, the federal government was finally funded through the end of the fiscal year on October 1, 2018. Starting last March when President Trump’s budget proposed enormous cuts, NRDC has worked to ensure that critical health, environmental and clean energy programs were funded. Funding levels were not the only the threat. The original House bills included over 90 anti-environment policy riders.

We used a combination of membership engagement, public campaigning, communications, and lobbying work to promote the position that any funding bill should be free of anti-environment policy riders and should not cut funding to the agencies that implement environmental protections. Despite the long odds, in a Congress dominated by polluter allied, anti-regulation members, this “No Cuts, No Riders” campaign paid off when almost all new riders were kept out of the bill and funding levels for EPA, Interior, Energy, and NOAA either stayed level or were increased.


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