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Collaborative program looks to boost use of Golden Gate NRA by people of color

African American, Latino, and Asian voters support preserving and expanding access to national parks, even though they face significant barriers to using them. They also have far less access to wild spaces in general. In the western United States, nearly 84 percent of communities of color and 80 percent of low-income communities live in areas where the ratio of wild to developed space is lower than the state average.

The National Park Service has tried to change this reality a few ways: It founded an office of Relevancy, Diversity, and Inclusion to try and make parks more accessible. Federal programs like the Every Kid in a Park initiative are examples of this. But the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, established in 1972 by Congress, is particularly well-suited to court more diverse parkgoers. It’s the largest urban national park system in the country, in a region that is home to a large Latino and Asian population.



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