• dharmon

Editorial: Bottled-water lobby got its way, killing NP sales ban. Result? Tons more plastic trash

Hardly a week passes without a new headline detailing the truly horrific quantity of plastic pollution scattered across our planet. During the final week of September, news broke that scientists were finding floating plastic debris as far north as the Arctic Ocean. Days earlier, NPR broadcast a story about the plastic waste found in common shellfish like clams and oysters. On September 6th, meanwhile, the Guardian published a piece announcing the widespread prevalence of microplastic particles in tap water around the world, the health impacts of which are still largely unknown.

Given the scope and scale of this dangerous pollution problem, one might expect our country’s public service agencies to do all they can to combat it. But that's not the country we live in. Indeed, our leaders in Washington, D.C., seem intent on making the problem worse.


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