• dharmon

Editorial: Giant housing development proposed near Joshua Tree would harm NP

Despite Joshua Tree National Park’s record number of visitors, the park’s eastern half has remained remote and wild. Just a bit off the pavement, visitors can go for days without seeing another soul, the only sounds coming from wildlife and the wind. Once the sun sets a million stars shine unimpaired by artificial light, earning Joshua Tree formal designation as a Dark Sky Park. Eastern Joshua Tree is a treasure: a place where urban Southern California seems a world away. Unfortunately, a real estate developer wants to change all that.

GLC Enterprises has proposed building Paradise Valley, a new city of 15,000 affluent residents, on the park's southern boundary. Paradise Valley would plunk almost 8,500 homes and hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial and industrial development on intact desert just a few miles from Joshua Tree National Park’s Cottonwood entrance.


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