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Glen Canyon NRA proposes opening more areas to ORV use

PAGE, AZ – Today, the National Park Service (NPS) released proposed special regulations to manage off-road vehicle (ORV) and on-road all-terrain vehicle (ATV) use within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, which will set the path to soon finalize its ORV Management Plan. The proposed regulations may be found in the Federal Register and will be available to the public to provide comments through April 30, 2018.

The proposed special regulations permit off-road use along 14 accessible shorelines, at Lone Rock Beach and Play Area, and on approximately 21 miles of ORV routes. The regulations would also allow ORV use on unpaved roads identified in the General Management Plan south of the Orange Cliffs Unit, which were previously open only to conventional vehicles and street-legal ATVs. ORV use would also be authorized on approximately eight miles of road in the southern portion of the Orange Cliffs Unit, which would complete the 100-mile Poison Spring Loop located on NPS and adjacent Bureau of Land Management lands. Lastly, the special regulations include a permit system for ORVs accessing shorelines, the Lone Rock Beach and Play Area, and most ORV routes. The permit fees would support education and provide cost recovery for administration and monitoring of the program.


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