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Liberal group calls out members of what it calls “anti-parks caucus” in Congress

Who in Congress can be described as having an "anti-parks" voting record? With 535 members of Congress, that could be a difficult question to soundly answer. But the Center for American Progress has come up with a list of 19 members who, perhaps emboldened by the Trump administration's views on public lands, it has defined as the "anti-parks caucus" in Washington, D.C.

The list is somewhat open-ended, with the Center including politicians who not only have gone on record as wanting to gut The Antiquities Act that presidents have used since 1906 to establish national monuments but also those who have introduced or supported legislation pertaining to energy development on public lands, measures to dismantle the Endangered Species Act, and measures pertaining to national forests. Not surprisingly, the members all come from Western states with large expanses of federal lands within their borders.


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