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Picnic grounds, historic farm fields, cemeteries—these “maintained landscapes” in NPs in disrepair

Imagine visiting Redwoods National and State Parks, sitting down on a bluff to watch the sunset, only to have it blocked by a bushy azalea. Or, on a visit to Acadia National Park, what would you think if your sweeping view of the rocky Atlantic coast was blocked by a grove of towering maples? What if you went to visit a Civil War battlefield but you couldn’t figure out where the battle took place, since the field was covered in thick hardwood forest? 

These scenarios aren’t regularly playing out, however, thanks to ongoing maintenance done by the dedicated park staff, friends groups, and volunteers who work throughout the year to manage the 7 million acres of what are called maintained landscapes within the National Park System. These landscapes include urban parks, orchards, meadows, battlefields, campgrounds, and picnic areas.


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