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Saudi Arabia | Ancient aqueduct system unearthed by archaeologists

As Saudi Arabia works towards developing its tourism sector, it has also been working on preserving its cultural, historic, and natural heritage, much of with still remains buried. As part of its efforts to open its doors to visitors from around the world, dozens of new archaeological sites were discovered this year and approved for registration by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH), and this month the Kingdom’s archaeologists unearthed another spectacular find: underground aqueducts in the historic city of Fayd, in Hail, dating back to early Islamic period.

The water systems were found during a recent excavation along with bakery ovens, wash basins, and a large number of architectural sites including an ancient mosque, as reported by Arab News. The site of these aqueducts was uncovered outside the fort in Hail, while a second site was discovered between two walls of the southern side of the fort and a third found at Al-Qalqah citadel.


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