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Slovakia | Future of historic sanatorium clouded by ownership confusion

It is maybe a question of one or two years until the owners of the Machnáč sanatorium in Trenčianske Teplice will find the expertise enabling them to demolish this national cultural monument due to safety reasons, said a theoretician of architecture, Peter Szalay, sharing his concerns for this building. Along with colleagues from the Institute of Construction and Architecture at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, architects and others they are trying to save this significant example of European Functionalist architecture from demolition. Their latest step is a petition calling for expropriation by the state which they started last week.

“The petition for expropriation of the sanatorium is our last resort to save this building, to take it away from the hands of its owners who do not care about the building at all but only about the land below it,” said Szalay, as cited by the Denník N daily.


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